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    I started using HASORA's service through word of mouth. I enjoy making smoothies and salads with HASORA vegetables. These vegetables have excellent color and taste.
    I often buy green leafy vegetables because they are fresher than other stores.
    Since I'm usually too busy to spend time on shopping, Ioften use a delivery service. The delivery service is very helpful and convenient!
    - 30s, Female, Housewite, mother of 4
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    A friend of mine told me about HASORA, saying that since I have continued to eat HASORA pesticide-free vegetables, I feel my body has been more fit and felt less tired than before while I am working.
    Vegetables have a stronger taste than one at other stores. Also, they are fresh and clean, so I'm happy that I can eat fresh vegetables without any concerns.
    I often order HASORA salad with special home-made dressing. It is convenient because we can order online.
    - 50s/ Male/ Company employee

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About Hasora

HASORAis an organic food brand which produces and markets pesticide-free vegetables, fruits and processed Japanese food. HASORA deliver fresh, safe and high quality veggies within 24 hours from harvest at your doorstep.
Hasora bridges the gap between farmers and end-consumers by bringing transparency in supply chain. It aims to benefit farmers to produce and market value added products for earning more income.