Partnership Farmers

We tied up with our partner farmers around Indian, such as in Delhi, Haryana, Uttarakhand,
Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and etc…
We’re going to introduce some our partner farmers HERE!

Delhi Farm
Bandana Farm

Our Delhi farm is located at the pristine locales of Chhatarpur area in New Delhi.The farmland is being used for organic farming since 2015.

Our partner started organic farming for the health of her kids, since she wanted her children to eat healthier food, which would benefit their health and growth. A practice which started off only for her own family soon gained momentum and her neighbours started showing interest in her product. They bought some of the produce and could feel the difference in taste, aroma and flavour.

Due to the  proximity of the farm from Central Gurgaon, it’s easy for us to pick up the vegetables in the morning and deliver to our store in the quest to have to relish the ” natural flavour” of our veggies

Panipat Farm
Varun Goyal
Varun’s Farm is a 30+ acre farm near Panipat around 100km from Gurugram.
They grow more than 30 varieties of vegetables and cereal on this land .
Varun is very passocinate about natural farming and is inspired from Fukuoka method of natural farming.

They practice natural farming practices which essentially means as little intervention to a farm as possible. Even use of Neem Oil / Gobar Khaad / Jeevamrit and other products used in organic farming is very limited.

Genuineness of their produce is ensured from all aspects & is not just dependent on avoiding use of chemical-based fertilisers or pesticides. This includes growing traditional varieties, periodic pesticide residue tests, heavy metal residue tests and underground irrigation water tests from reputed labs.

Faridbad Farm
Virohan Farms - Gaurvit saluja
Nestled away in the Aravalis, Virohan farms is an initiative by a first time new age farmer who has successfully combined technology with traditional farming techniques.

What sets them apart is their own vermicompost unit, on ground botanical medicine production and organic farming practices. Proximity of Virohan Farms to Delhi is what promises the customers top grade quality produce.

Botanical medicines are the organic pesticides/medicines that we make to prevent insect damage.

Technology is the drip irrigation, bio fertilizer production, our protected nursery.
Bio fertilizers help in uptaking the nutrients available in the soil. There are products like amino acids which are also made at farm level. These are made by probiotic bacteria that is extracted from cow urine. Rhizobium inoculation is done in the same manner.

To raise seedlings that we use, it’s important to make them in a protected environment so as to restrict any virus or disease when the plant is small and most vulnerable. We make them in our polyhouse using cocopeat, vermiculite , perlite and compost. This is again inoculated by biofertilizers which help in strengthening the plant.

We use other biofertilizers like vam (abscular micorrhizae) which are for roots development.
We also do green manuring which is again enhanced by composting bacteria(biofertilizers)