Our Team

Mai Hatta

Mai is a graduate of the San Francisco State University, with a major in International
Relations. In 2010, Mai moved to Jaipur, India and joined the Jaipur Rugs Company.
She was responsible for sales and marketing for Japanese buyers.
Later, she joined an NGO in the state of Uttarakhand to conduct rural ecological
tours for visiting Japanese students. Here: add somehting on mAI’S strong conncet
with rural areas and farmers, and enhance employability and skill development for
people in rural areas.
By this time the entrepreneurship bug had bitten Mai, and in May 2016, Mai
launched HASORA with her twin sister, Asuka.

Asuka Hatta

Asuka is a graduate of thte California State University at Chico, with a major in International Relations.
Upon graduation, Asuka joined a company in Tokyo, Japan specializing in the provision of support services to entrepreneurs by helping set up office, organizing various business seminars, and providing recruitment services.
She joined Recruit Holdings, India Branch (RGF) as one of its starting members, where she was engaged in the hiring of both Indian and Japanese staff in India. In this time, Asuka received several accolades, including one for highest sales, and contributed immensely to team expansion and to establish RGF’s India presense.
Asuka had always wanted to pursue her passion of sustainable farming and In May 2016, decided to launch HASORA with her twin sister, Mai.

Gurubachan Singh

Gurubachan is a HASORA’s first team member. He comes from a farmer family in Uttar Pradesh (UP) state. He joined HASORA in 2016.
Gurubachan has had a passion for farming since childhood and we are happy to have him on our team. He is responsible of maintaining all partner farmer relations and takes great care to ensure each farmer partner is well looked after. Gurubachan makes it possible for Hasora to source and provide delicious organic ingredients from all over India. Moreover, Guru as some of our team like to call him, oversees warehousing activities and deliveries.
He takes immense pride in knowing that daily deliveries reach our customers on time and that our customers continue to buy from us thanks to his all important product handling efforts. In his short time with Hasora, Gurubachan has developed a taste for Japanese food, and Japanese red miso is his new favorite. He has also begun to learn some Japanese.

Chon Cnon

Chon Chon is out shop manager. She is from Manipur and joined HASORA in 2018.
She has experience of working in hospitality industry such as Japanese restaurant and guesthouses for Japanese. Utilizing these experiences, she is looking forward to see all customers. If you don’t know what is the best vegetable of the day, why don’t you ask her? She is very interested in Japanese culture and food, she is making effort to talk with customers in Japanese and wants go to Japan someday.
Her favorite Japanese food is ramen noodle, chicken teriyaki, sushi and fried eggplant with chinese chilli sauce. However, she loves spicy food.