What is the meaning of HASORA?

HASORA has 2 meanings.
One is “to make someone to smile” in Hindi.
“Hasna” means smile. We are taking our name from “Hasna”.
Second is leaves and sky in Japanese.
“Ha” means leaves. Leaves are always looking up and grow into the sky.
“Sora” means sky. Sky is always there, it is necessary for everyone.
Blue sky has a positive power make people smile and makes happy.
HASORA aims to become such a company for everyone.

Our logo uses ``Blue bird``, ``Healthy Foods`` and ``Twins`` as a motif.

As it is said “Blue bird” brings us joy and happiness, we also want to delivery happiness to many people through our work.
“Healthy Foods” symbolize flesh, reliable and safe food, they are bases of our business.
“Twins” with a wish to share the food and happiness with your family or your precious one.