The 3 merits of Direct delivery from the farm

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Due to the influence of COVID-19, more people have started to be careful about food safety, and there have been increasing demands for disclosure of information such as fruit and vegetable producers and transportation routes.

In India, generally products reach us through a number of intermediaries from producers. In most cases, farmers do not have the right to decide prices and are often exploited by malicious brokers, forcing them to live a difficult life.

HASORA has been working on direct delivery of vegetables and fruits in India. So this time, we would like to introduce 3 merits of direct delivery from the production area.


1.We can deliver Highly freshness and delicious ingredients

In India, crops are distributed mainly through the wholesale market (Mandy) under the jurisdiction of the state government. It usually goes through 5-7 brokers to reach consumers from producers. 

Specifically, it is as follows ↓


【Farmer → Collector → Agency → Mandy’s brokers→ Agency → Wholesale → Retail → Consumer】


Under the transportation system, it usually takes 5 days or more to deliver crops from farms to consumers.

On the other hand, Direct delivery from the production area allows products to be delivered directly from the “producer” to the “customer or store”. Since the transportation time is greatly reduced, it is possible to deliver fresh ingredients to our customers.

HASORA has been working on direct delivery from the production area with the goal of delivering products to stores and customers within 24 hours after harvesting. And Customers who use HASORA can enjoy the freshness and deliciousness of the ingredients.

Since there are many partner farms near Gurgaon, we can deliver vegetables harvested early in the morning to customers. 


2.High safety

HASORA has partnerships with trusted farmers directly. When we enter into a partnership, HASORA visits the farmland to make sure it meets safety standards. We have safety standards such as 【cultivated with no pesticides or low pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, and no preservatives during transportation】.

Therefore, we can disclose to our customers who was cultivated, so that they can purchase our products with peace of mind.


3. Support for the Indian farmers

In the previous transportation system, farmers are easily exploited by intermediaries , they don’t pay equal value to farmers, and there are many farmers who are living a difficult life.

In order to change the previous distribution, we pay the farmers fairly and directly, and support them so that they can live an economically stable life.

You can support local farmers by purchasing HASORA products. As a result, farmers will be able to continue farming without relying on cheap chemical pesticides, and we will be able to obtain safe, secure and high-quality vegetables.



HASORA has built a transparent relationship of trust with farmers by sticking to direct delivery from the production area. As a result, Our customers are able to enjoy high-quality agricultural products with peace of mind.


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