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Enzymes are essential to our body and play an important role in breaking down food nutrients and helping digestion and absorption. Enzymes are present in our body and are involved in most of the chemical reactions in our body, including digestion and respiration. Enzymes include digestive enzymes that are responsible for digestion in the body, metabolic enzymes that are responsible for the entire life-supporting reaction such as breathing, and food enzymes that are obtained by eating food. What are the benefits of getting enzymes from foods, what are enzyme-rich foods?


Food enzymes help digestive enzymes

The advantage of taking food enzymes is that they help break down what you eat. Digestive enzymes produced by our body are mainly responsible for the decomposition of food, but by having food enzymes support the decomposition, digestive enzymes in the body can be saved and metabolism is improved. This promotes an increase in body temperature and blood flow, leading to prevention of illness.


Foods containing food enzymes

Vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes, avocados, cabbage, lettuce, carrots, onions, cucumbers and pineapples are high in food enzymes. Fermented foods are also said to be foods that enhance the body’s immunity and contain a large amount of food enzymes. Typical fermented foods include cheese, kimchi, soy sauce, and miso.

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To increase the effect of food enzymes

It is said that vegetables such as radishes, turnips, ginger, carrots, onions, garlic, and cabbage can be grated to triple the effects of the enzymes that the vegetables have. Try using grated food as a side dish so that you can take the enzyme more effectively.

Enzymes lose their function when heated to 50 ° C-70 ° C, so if you want to take them, we recommend cooking at low temperatures or eating raw vegetables and fruits.


HASORA deals with many vegetables and fruits containing enzymes such as tomatoes, cabbage and pineapples, as well as fermented foods such as kimchi, soy sauce and miso. We deliver fresh vegetables and fruits grown in pesticide-free fields directly from the farm to your home. Ingest enzymes from HASORA ingredients and lead a healthy life!

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