How It Works


Access to our website.


Register your location.
Once you click this mark ,the address will automatically appear.
(On your mobile phone, make sure that Location Services is on.
Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.)

Or, input your location directly and select the correct place from the drop-down list.
※The delivery charge and time will be displayed when you register your location.


Select and add an item and the quantity .
There are 18 categories.
【First trial】【Veggie Box】【Subscription Plan】【Root Vegetables】【HASORA Soup】【Fruits】
【Exotics】【Herbs and Spices】【Fresh Leafy Greens】【Vegetables】【Japanese Vegetables】【Rice】
【Dairy products】【Honey and Sweeteners】【Salad】【Poultry】【Ready To Cook】【Cosmetics】


Click the “CHECK OUT” and confirm your shopping cart when you’ve finished your order.


Fill out your information following the steps, “Details”, “Address” and “Payment Information”.
【Details】Fill in your name and phone number on this blank. → ”Next”

【Address】If you prefer to pick up at the store, place a check mark “PICK-UP”.

Whereas, please fill in the “Address” if you prefer to have them delivered to your location. → ”Next”

【Payment Information】Please choose from the two below, “ONLINE” or “CASH ON DELIVERY”.

Your order will been completed when you click the “Place Order”.

You can add our order system to your iPhone/iPad’s home screen.

Open our HASORA web site on the iPhone/iPad using Safari.

Then at the bottom toolbar of Safari, tap on the Share button (square with arrow pointing up).

Choose “Add to Home Screen”.

Edit display name, and tap Add.

Now you can go to that doc directly from the icon added to your iPhone/iPad home screen.