For busy people! Three ways to eat vegetables to make a day more productive

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How much vegetables do you eat a day?


WHO (World Health Organization) recommends eating 400g (about 3 cups of salad bowl) of vegetables or fruits per day. However, it has become clear that the percentage of people who don’t have enough vegetables  is very high since they are too busy to cook themselves and have more opportunities to eat out.

On the other hand, vitamins contained in vegetables prevent lifestyle-related diseases, suppress stress and improve concentration. Also, eating vegetables is effective for improving work performance!

However, most of the vitamins contained in the vegetables are water-soluble, which dissolves just by washing or boiling in water.In many cases, you get less vitamins than it actually is.


In the blog, we will introduce three ways to eat vegetables easily and efficiently for busy people who don’t eat enough vegetables.


Method 1:Eat fresh vegetables and smoothies rich in vitamins and enzymes


Do you know that many kinds of vitamins in vegetables are sensitive to heat?


Eating fresh vegetables has merits for your health because you can get enough vitamins and dietary fiber into your body, and you can reduce the cooking time! 

Enzymes are indispensable for maintaining physical condition, metabolism, and preventing aging. However, you can get those effects only with raw vegetables.

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The following vegetables contain plenty of enzymes, so you should eat them fresh.

<Radish, cucumber, carrot, Japanese mustard spinach, broccoli>


Smoothies are recommended for those who do not like to eat fresh vegetables. You can also take in as many vitamins and enzymes as fresh vegetables have. It is also recommended to mix the vegetables as above with fruits rich in enzymes such as apples, kiwis, bananas, pineapples and citrus fruits. 

They are delicious and easy to drink every day!


Method 2: Get plenty of nutrition by eating vegetable soup


Many nutrients in vegetables are water-soluble, which dissolves just by washing or boiling in water, but in the case of soup, you can take in the important nutrients efficiently with the broth.

 In addition, you just need to stew components, which reduces the amount of vegetables, making it easier to eat. You can also easily arrange the taste. Please try the vegetable soup with your favorite taste, which uses plenty of seasonal vegetables.


Method 3: Order HASORA’s seasonal vegetable salad and meal kit


HASORA deals with seasonal vegetable salads that can be eaten  without washing or veggie clean, so that customers can easily enjoy nutritious salads even in the office. We also have a meal kit for those who want to take in vegetables every day but are too busy to take time to cook. Since the vegetables are washed and cut, you just need to bake or stir-fry to prepare dishes.

HASORA deals with a variety of fresh, nutritious, pesticide-free vegetables throughout the year. If you don’t have time to go buy vegetables, you can use HASORA’s home delivery service. HASORA supports your life with nutritious ingredients and meals. Please try our product!


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生野菜を食べることは、豊富なビタミンや食物繊維をそのまま体内に摂り入れることができ、調理時間も短縮できるので良いことづくしです! 更に体調の維持や新陳代謝、老化防止に欠かせない酵素は生でしか摂取できません。


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