Basil Paste


  1. 120 g Basil leaves
  2. 120 g Nuts – your favorite
  3. 8 g Garlic
  4. 4 g Himalayan salt
  5. 45 g Parmesan cheese
  6. 120 ml Olive oil


1. Wash basil leaves and drain with paper.

2. Add your favorite nuts and garlic. If you like spicy taste, add more garlic.

3. Add himalayan salt.

4. Add parmesan cheese.

5. Add olive oil and blend well.

6. Keep it in the fridge. Pour olive oil to avoid from oxidation.

7. Italian style toast for your breakfast — with tomato, onion and cheese. You can also enjoy with pasta, pizza, dressing with vinegar and as finger food with crackers. Enjoy with your style

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